03.16.19 – Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats + Graveyard

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Venue: The Warfield
Location: San Francisco, CA

Opening band: Twin Temple

Uncle Acid setlist:
I See Through You
Waiting for Blood
Mt. Abraxas
Mind Crawler
Death’s Door
Shockwave City
Crystal Spiders
Dead Eyes of London
Pusher Man
I’ll Cut You Down
Blood Runner
13 Candles
Melody Lane
No Return

Graveyard setlist:
Walk On
Please Don’t
The Fox
Hisingen Blues
Uncomfortably Numb
Bird of Paradise
Cold Love
Buying Truth (Tack & Förlåt)
Hard Times Lovin’
An Industry of Murder
The Suits, the Law & the Uniform
Magnetic Shunk

Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)
Ain’t Fit to Live Here
The Siren

Twin Temple setlist:
The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It)
Lucifer, My Love
Sex Magick
I Know How To Hex You
I’m Wicked
In Lvx
Femme Fatale
In Nox


11.09.18 – Tank and the Bangas

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Venue: UC Theatre
Location: Berkeley, CA

Opening band: Big Freedia

Tank and the Bangas setlist:

Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B)

10.12.18 – Earthless

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Venue: Starline Social Club
Location: Oakland, CA

Opening band: Feral Ohms

10.11.18 – Clutch

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Venue: The Regency Ballroom
Location: San Francisco, CA

Opening bands: Sevendust, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

Clutch setlist:
Sonic Counselor (First time as a show opener)
The Elephant Riders
X-Ray Visions
Gimme the Keys
Vision Quest
Sucker for the Witch
Escape From the Prison Planet
The Mob Goes Wild
Emily Dickinson
In Walks Barbarella
El Jefe Speaks
A Shogun Named Marcus
Ghoul Wrangler
Electric Worry

How to Shake Hands
D.C. Sound Attack!

Sevendust setlist:
Face to Face
Too Close to Hate
Thank You

07.25.18 – Phish

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Venue: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Location: San Francisco, CA


SET 1: Roggae, Tube > NICU > Runaway Jim, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Keepin’ It Real [1], Driver, Saw It Again, Ocelot, Waking Up Dead, Backwards Down the Number Line > More

SET 2: Set Your Soul Free > Twist > Makisupa Policeman > Scents and Subtle Sounds [2] > What’s the Use? > The Wedge > Possum

ENCORE: The Lizards

[1] Debut.
[2] No intro.

Poster by Alexis Ziritt
Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 7.02.35 PM

06.29.18 – Primus + Mastadon

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Opening band: JJUUJJUU

Primus setlist:
Too Many Puppies >
Sgt. Baker (with ‘Too Many Puppies’ reprise)
Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver (with Cygnus X-1 intro)
Southbound Pachyderm (with Jello Biafra)
Holiday in Cambodia (Dead Kennedys cover) (with Jello Biafra)
The Desaturating Seven
The Valley
The Seven
The Trek
The Scheme
The Dream
The Storm
The Ends?
Intruder (Peter Gabriel cover)
Welcome to This World >
My Name Is Mud (preceded by “Professor Nutbutter’s House of Treats” tease)
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver (partial from “Dog Will Hunt”)
Tommy the Cat

Mastodon setlist:
Sultan’s Curse
Crystal Skull
Ancient Kingdom
Black Tongue
Ember City
Toe to Toes
Sleeping Giant
Show Yourself
Precious Stones
Roots Remain
Ghost of Karelia
Mother Puncher

05.11.18 – As The Crow Flies

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Venue: Fox Theater
Location: Oakland, CA

Opening band: Once and Future Band

ATCF Setlist:
Sting Me
Twice As Hard
Hotel Illness
By Your Side
Sometimes Salvation
High Head Blues
Good Friday >
Almost Cut My Hair
Wiser Time
She Talks To Angels
Thorn In My Pride
Jealous Again
Hard To Handle >

Peace Frog
Rock & Roll Hootchie Koo